There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Magic Lizard

My 7 year old brought home a short story that she wrote in class after reading a book with a similar scenario. I pulled it out of her backpack and read it, not realizing what it was about or what kind of impact it would have on me. It hurt. It hurt me because I miss Mark and it hurt me because my girls miss their brother. There was a physical ache and heaviness in my chest...the same ache that comes when I am reminded in all of those other "unexpected" ways that Mark is not here feels like being punched in the stomach...realizing that he is not coming back...saying goodbye to him all over as if it were THAT DAY...again.

The Magic Lizerd

by Madison

One day I found a purple pebble jest like Alexander. I ran to the liard to make my wish. he said I could wish for three thangs. First, I would wish for my brother to be with me because he dided. Next, I would wish to go to heven because I want to see God. Finally, I wish for the homeless people to have mony so they can have a home. Finding a purple pebble and meeting a magickal lizard would be fantastick. I hope my wishes come true. too too.


  1. Wow! From the mouth of babes... Given any three wishes, many 7 year olds would wish for very different things... toys or a new dress or a trip to Disney. Maybe that's the way it ought to be, but I think Madison's wishes show the big heart of a little girl who's love it going to make a big impact on this world. Every one of those wishes are filled with love. Love for her brother, love for her God and love for the less fortunate. That's pretty extraordinary in my book!

  2. You have a very "wise" beyond her years little girl. When other children are so wrapped up in Miley Cirus or Taylor Swift..she's carring about others needs. WOW...she's awesome in my book!!

  3. What a sweet, sweet girl! This reminds me of the things that my sister brings home from school, too. It's amazing to see what they're thinking and I wish we knew more often!